Crazy 8's Handicap Contest

Crazy 8's Handicap Contest

Postby roxyken » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:02 pm

This is a straight forward handicapping contest which will last for 8 weeks and all you have to do is pick one horse each week. Scoring is accumulative and is based on the total win-place-show payouts of the top three finishers. Your selection wins, you get the total of WPS. Horse finishes third, you get the show payout. Your horse finishes off the get zilcho!

The field size will get progressively larger each week and races will be selected from the Saturday racing card. Picks must be made prior to post time of each race. The size of the fields for each week will be as follows:

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Week     Field Size
  1      4
  2      6
  3      7
  4      8
  5      10
  6      12
  7      13
  8      14

Actual race selection is subject to change based on availability of races with desired field size.

Prizes are as follows:

1st place 888 credits
2nd place 488 credits
3rd place 288 credits

In case of a tie, the credits will be shared evenly for the tied positions (i.e. two people tie for first, the first and second place prizes will be combined and shared evenly)

Bonus Prize: If your payout has an "8" anywhere in the total, you win a bonus of 8 credits!!! If the total is $2.80, you win....if it is $28.20, you win. if it is $180.10, you win. If the payout is $25.50, sorry, you are not a winner....try again.

The contest will begin on February 22nd. Good luck Comedians!!!
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