It's Over

It's Over

Postby roxyken » Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:24 pm

The final week drew only three picks, and one was the correct one.

Concluding the contest on top is Psyduck who nailed the winner, Leon Phelps, adding $27.90 and finishing well on top with $101.80. As contest winner, 888 credits will be delivered shortly.

Roxynken went with Uncle Bobby, who finished thirteenth. Total for the contest was $70.50 and second place worth 488 creds.

Finishing third is Tartar with $57.60 and will be rewarded with 288.

NPark was just off the board with $35.50.

Squirrel's go-to #5 horse (Rashaaq) was tenth and she wraps things up with $17.30
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