Week 20 Results

Hit the target, win the big prize

Week 20 Results

Postby roxyken » Sun Nov 24, 2013 3:25 pm

A pair of players earned points this weekend and 60 looked to be very formidable as a target to hit.

Tartar remains untouched on top of the leader board with 295 points. Hanzel added nothing to the tally with a speed of 78.

The battle for second has become more intense and very tight. Roxyken took over the spot with 25 points as Road to Kash narrowly missed delivery of his first bullseye with a 59 which was worth 25 points. Total to date is 210.

NPark gathered up 5 points and moved into a tie for third as Flowery Touch hit the outer edge of the board with 65. Boosts the total to 205 which.....

Is exactly what Tygereye has. Hollow Weenie sputtered off a 77 which was off the board.

Further back with 90 points is Psyduck and an 82 from Speedee Dame added zilch to the point total.

Squirrel is heading into hibernation with 60 points and Hot Pockets shot off a 75, missing the target rings.
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