Week 16 Results/Standings

Hit the target, win the big prize

Week 16 Results/Standings

Postby roxyken » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:12 pm

Target of 65 was very hard to shoot at this week. Only one player scored.

And it wasn't Tartar who missed with Right of Way who charted a 79 speed but Tartar is still on top with 275.

It was Tygereye who put out a seasonal Autumn Saturday that ran with a 67 speed, worth 20 points and increasing the hold on second place with 180.

Wastsabrush hit a 73, thudding outside the rings of the target for Npark, but sits in third with 150.

Close in fourth is Roxyken with 145 gaining nothing from First Thirst who was tossed over the dart board with an 83

Psyduck was sidelined this week, sits in fifth with 90.

Squirrel gained no ground with Francesca returning after a long absence, but the 76 speed was worthless. Nothing to add to the 55 total.
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