Week 10 Results/Standings

Hit the target, win the big prize

Week 10 Results/Standings

Postby roxyken » Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:33 pm

The speed of 60 has proven to be an obstacle for the dart players as those who tallied a score got a small amount.

Tartar remains on top and the end of the bullseyes has come as Scheme of things came in with a 73, quite a ways from the target. Still way in front with 215.

NPark threw So Long VI at the board and was off the mark with a 69. Despite being off the mark, NPark holds second with 100.

Alien From Space could not zone into planet earth as the 45 was pretty much on the baseboard, nearly on the floor. Roxyken gains nothing and sits in third with 95.

Psyduck tossed Mua Mua and it stuck on the board with a 55, which was worth 5 M & M's. A total of 70 for the season. But......

Tygereye7 was not denied as Eves Kitten got a 65, worth 5 mice and the tie continues on as Tyger and Duck are both at 70 now.

Squirrel gained 5 too as Hollow Eyes came in with a 65 picking up 5 eye drops moving Squirrel to 50.
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