Week 9 Results/Standings

Hit the target, win the big prize

Week 9 Results/Standings

Postby roxyken » Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:57 pm

A pair of bullseyes top the results this weekend and we may be closing on the conclusion of the contest:

Tartar is becoming very suspicious as the third consecutive week he has hit the center of the target, making it 4 bullseyes for the contest. This week Police Woman (a CC prize horse) stopped dead on with a 70 speed which is worth 50 points sending Tartar up to 215 points. Game ends when someone reaches or surpasses 301, and if this streak continues, the game may be over shortly.

NPark pinned the middle of the target with La Archa and a perfect 70 speed. The 50 points picked up moves NPark into second with an even 100.

Roxyken was seeing stars as I See Stars just missed earning something with a 64 score. No points and drops to third with 95.

Tygereye and Psyduck remain a couple with 65 points each. Psyduck's Eternally Free was just too fast with a 79 speed and Tygereye's Stormy N Wild was just too slow with a 62. No points for either this weekend.

Squirrel went with a horse that hasn't raced since the ice age and went off at 200and something-1 odds. The strategy worked somewhat, as Trick or Tree sliced a 74-comeback speed to win 10 points and nudge the nutshell count up to 45.
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