Week 7 Results/Standings

Hit the target, win the big prize

Week 7 Results/Standings

Postby roxyken » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:07 pm

After a not-so-good week last weekend, some of the darts stuck to the board this week. One even hit the bullseye, and that was...

Tartar's Ministry of Tap was dead on with an 80, striking dead center and took home 50 points and now sits atop the leader list with 115.

Roxyken dropped into second as Kwin Misled earned some points, but not enough to hold tight to the top. With a 77, 15 points were tallied netting 90 for the contest thus far.

Two players are tied with 65 points, both hitting the out-of-bounds region of the dart board with Tygereye's One Sock Sakhee shy with a 70 and Psyduck's Entry Point a slither closer with 73.

A 77 speed from Probation moved Squirrel upwards to 35 as she collected 15 points.

Npark, was an equal distant on the opposite side of the board with an 83 speed, also worth 15 points and advancing to 30 points.
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