Week 2 Results

Hit the target, win the big prize

Week 2 Results

Postby roxyken » Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:26 pm

The first Bullseye only took 2 weeks to achieve and Tartar nailed it with ROTFLMAO!!!

Tartar leads with a total of 55 (50 for bullseye, added to 5 points from last week as only point earner)
Roxyken slides into second with Spun Kaos being a bit off-center with an 87, worth 20 points.
NPark ran with Casino Warrior, three notches off with an 88, getting 15 points.
Psyduck's World Holiday fell short with 72, no points.
Squirrel overshot the dartboard with a 100 from Freeky's V, no points
Tygereye was just a bit wide with Tiz My Charlie hitting a 91, no points.
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