DARTS- The Rule Book

Hit the target, win the big prize

DARTS- The Rule Book

Postby roxyken » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:14 pm

Who else but Comedy Central can twist an easy game like Darts and turn it into a Racing Contest. The objective in the game of Darts is to hit the Bullseye. Same is true in the CC version of this contest. Instead of throwing a physical dart at a circular target on the wall the CC target is to hit a specific speed and the dart is a race horse.


Each player nominates one horse each week as their “Dart” in hopes of hitting the pre-designated speed…the “Target”. Racehorses from Comedy Central supported stables may be used in the contest. Only one runner per week is permitted. Only races on Saturday or Sundays are eligible for this competition. Any track and race condition may be entered. Horses must be nominated under the weekly thread that will be posted. The contest is only available to Comedy Central residents.


The Dart Contest will begin the weekend of July 13th.


Speeds are not rounded, all decimals are ignored (only whole numbers will be used). Scoring will be as follows:

Hit targeted speed = 50 points
One off target = 25 points
Two off target = 20 points
Three off target = 15 points
Four off target = 10 points
Five off target = 5 points
Everything else = 0 points

In example, the target speed for the week is 86 and your selected horse finishes with a speed of 89, it is three off of the target and will score 15 points.


The contest concludes when the first player amasses 301 or more points.


First Place- 700 credits
Second Place- 400 credits
Third Place- 250 credits
Fourth Place- 150 credits
Fifth Place- 100 credits
2nd from last place- Prize horse, courtesy of Npark http://swarmlogic.com/horseracing/oneho ... 1400027992

Each Bullseye will earn an additional 25 credits!!!!


In case of a tie for any of the places, a tie-breaker round will be invoked. This will involve a one-week dart board where the tied players will compete to break the tie, the highest scorer will take the higher of the tied positions.

If there is a tie for any position, the tied players will be deemed to capture the tied spot and the spot(s) immediately following. For example, a tie for first would result in the tie breaker battling for the First and Second place spots. A multiple tie would battle for multiple positions. In example, a three-way tie for third would compete for the Third, Fourth and Fifth place finish.

In the event that a tie continues to exist, subsequent tie breaker weeks will be held until the tie is broken.

Targets for tie breakers will follow the schedule listed below.

In the event there is a tie for the 2nd from last place, NPark will determine the winner as it is his Prize :)


Weekend Target
July 13/14 75
July 20/21 85
July 27/28 55
August 3 /4 100
August 10/11 90
August 17/18 65
August 24/25 80
Aug 31/Sept 1 95
Sept. 8/9 70
Sept. 15/16 60
Should subsequent weeks be required, the list will recycle with the first one listed.
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