Tag Team


Goal: Team up with another residency and beat the rest of the competing teams


1. Open to invited residencies
2. Teams created by matching residencies with one another based on recent residency performance
3. Teams each field 4 horses (2 per residency) per race. Races are all 250k stakes
4. Scores based on 20 poinst to winner, 19 to second, etc. Team with most points wins. The winning team will earn some superduper prize TBA.
5. Races run July 25 (week 4022).


4+ 10 dirt open
4+ 14 turf open
4+ 8 turf open
4+ 6 dirt open

4+ 9 dirt f/m
4+ 12 turf f/m

3yo 9 dirt open
3yo 7 dirt f/m


GR Simsters + CR Racers

Minnesota Downs + Comedy Central

EAAA + Great Plains

NorthWest Racing Circuit + Queensland Racing

Blazing Saddles + Benelux

Results: Not yet available