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Goal: Breed a clone and beat all the other clones


1. Open to Comedians
2. Breed a 2yo using a specific pedigree
3. Run a residency-restricted stake race for the clones
4. Winners gets to choose the next clone pedigree
5. See message board for additional details


Round 1: Falvelon x Loosen Up x Jugah
Winner: Squirrel's Falvelong Gone

Round 2: Not Impossible x Sword Dance x Distant View
Winner: Gowans' Genetic Makeup

Round 3: City Place x Kissin Kris x Copelan
Winner: Roxyken's Spying From Inside

Round 4: Bandini x Spymaster x Striding Out
Winner: Npark's Silly Bandini

Round 5: TBA
Winner: TBA